#02 | NUV | KRC - 1 : FPS Multiplayer Game ~ Jan

-Hey There! Welcome back to DevLog and here we will be discussing about the Knight Rock Combat - 1 Progress for Jan Release:-

Before Get in to the update, first lets move some this different, I got Down for a few weeks on developing a new stuff rather i was fixing bugs to say it was (+1000) BUGs.

1. The Main issue is that i crashed that program in development by a tiny mistake (Power Cut, Artificial Disaster, etc.....!) this gave me a lot of errors On-board .

2.By that time in Solving  that made some more Bugs like glitching Effect on screen and more like that so (my Opinion is to save the Project Every and Even make a copy for that, i did saved but i forgot to take a copy).

3.With all my effort I finally manage to solve the problem and Now Boom every thing went back to normal.

-So every thing is back So lets move to the New Update for Knight Rock Combat - 1 : Fps Game :-

1.Added Voice Chat(When Player is Near to any other player we can Talk to him)
2.Next Gen.UI System Added.
3.Added Online Store Players Stuff.
4.Scope Are been added.
5.Multiplayer Gun Change has been Changed.
 6.Weapon New Texture Are Been added(Also Available Official Golden Gun). ~ Just for This Update
 7.Improved Maps.
 8.Added Forest Map. (Official : Castle Map)



Let me Know Your Feed To I can Improve it.(At the Movement In my Launcher "BETA CHAT Forum" is not Working a Correctly ~ The problem is Unaligned issue, This will be fixed pretty soon).

And also For Feedback You can Check out New Comment system in Knight Rock Combat - 1  (FORUM) By Clicking the above link to Official Website at the end you will find it. 


KRC-1_Downloader_2.0.2.1_setup_64Bit.EXE 51 MB
Sep 18, 2018
KRC-1_Downloader_2.0.2.1_setup_32Bit.EXE 45 MB
Sep 18, 2018

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