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Introducing the Brand New Knight Rock Combat -  1 : Fps Multiplayer Game Released in  2/03/2017Before A Alpha and a Game Content Copy  Released on 18/01/2017(Now all those link are take Away To secure this Knight Rock Combat - 1.  This version of the game is 1.01.2 v. This Game is about almost 538.6  MB after installed (2 GB) - And the External Launcher Avg 50 MB, also Have both on x86_32 Bit and 64 bit for Windows Platform, and also May Expect for other platform  in near Future the game is Powered By  (Copyright@ Dread Eye) , To have more control over installing Made a Step by step Tut What U can watch and Easily Install on your Machine. Check out How to install Guide from the Bottom



  • System Requirement : 

Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements 
OSWindows 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bit or  32 _x86 bit)Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bit or  32 _x86 bit)
PROCESSORIntel Core i3-3220(3rd Gen) AMD AD9500AHABBOX 4GHz Socket AM4 or better Processor.Intel Core i5-6600 AMD FX 9590
GRAPHICS CARDNVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 AMD Radeon R5 230 DDR3NVIDA GeForce GTX 960 AMD Radeon RX 570 GDDR5
Download Size538.6 MB538.6 MB
Installed Size2.0 GB2.0 GB

Different Ultra Graphic experience with Less GPU Power Recommenced GTX 710 or GTX 1030 ~ U can also Get More Fps on GTX 1080 TI.
Ultra setting to GTX 1080 Max. (Tested On Both GTX 1050ti and GTX 1080TI and also with Inbuild Graphic with Latest CPU at medium).
The Bounty line for Graphic is Minimum GT 210 (Tested on GT 210 with Core 2 duo E8500  - Fps - Avg(Very Low - 8 Fps, Medium - 5 Fps, Epic - 3 Fps).

  • About the Game Map:

This game Version 1.01.2 as 2 Maps :

1. Streets

2. Roof-Top

  • Features For Knight Rock Combat-1.01.2 v :

1. Improved Game Graphic.

2. Stranded Gun Sounds.

3. Added Battery System for Player.

4. Restricted areas Improved.

5. Player Can Spectate Other Players, after Death


  •  Quick New Bugs : In(2018-1.01.2)

1. The Game will start with Error With "Connect with the network", if its does just wait don't do any think just wait to restart it atomically.This Bug 1. with be fix it the next Release (#0199 - Network error in connector for startup process.).

  • Upcoming Version 1.02.1 :

This Multiplayer Fps Game Has a lot of updates, Hence on Next Update., Will added Player Extra Feature and also players Required Features.also Planing to add Vice Chat in game, with that stepping into In game Forum for Review and More Feature like this. Also By providing player  with ability to store online with friends and then compare this values later. For to see more Clearly what are Updated use the link at the bottom to navgate to that (Develog)

  1.  (Link to the Latest Poster for Version - 1.02.1) :

 Click Here to See Knight Rock Combat - 1.02.1 Features

  • Game Play On Knight Rock Combat-1.01.2 :

  • Knight Rock Combat=1.01.2 Picture :

Screen-Shot :

1. Showing the Quality of this game in this Version :

2. Lobby Improved UI System :

3. Sniper :

4. Rifle :

5. Beta Chat(Located in the Launcher of this game) :

6. Knight Rock Combat - 1.01.1 (1.01.2) Launcher :

Knight Rock combat Launcher

7. Thumbnail

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