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Introducing the Brand New Knight Rock Combat -  1 : Fps Multiplayer Game Released in  2/03/2017. Before A Alpha and a Game Content Copy  Released on 18/01/2017(Now all those link are take Away To secure this Knight Rock Combat - 1.  This version of the game is 1.02.1v. This Game is about almost 1.46 GB after installed (4.41 GB) - And the External Launcher Avg 50 MB, also Have both on x86_32Bit and 64bit for Windows Platform, and also May Expect for other platform  in near Future the game is Powered By  (Copyright@ Dread Eye) , To have more control over installing Made a Step by step Tut What U can watch and Easily Install on your Machine. Check out How to install Guide from the Bottom.



  • Out Dated  Version [1.01.2] Pic :

Given Some Pic For Reference purpose and also Do Watch the GamePay Of Knight Rock Combat - 1

About the Game Map:

Its Currently Has 2 map Streets and Rooftop, (FOREST MAP) COMING SOON 

  • Requirement : 

RELEASED VERSION - (2018-1.02.0) - Jan

  • Features For Knight Rock Combat-1.02.1 v :

THE GAME-PLAY VIDEO WILL BE UPLOADED FOR NEW VERSION - 1.02.1 , Mean While U could check the Old Version Game-Play.(WILL UPDATE IT SOON.

  • NOTE:

1. Added Voice Chat(Global)(Keyboard Key : 'V') - Now U Can Speak to other Play in game, for Realistic U Can also Talk to Enemy with 5 meters and also with your player too.( This is a Feature Which is so realistic that its like a Normal Speaking of solder with out any Radio ). 

 2. Upgraded Next Gen UI System. 

3. Scope are Been added - More scope will be added in future. 

 4.Texture are added but use  (T,Y,U,I,O) to change over this is in BETA face Will be made perfect on its Release.(Are focusing on Extreme level Details and with Quality

 5. New Maps are added - Forest Land Force , Snow Castle Enforce ~ BETA. 

 6. Improved Maps - Streets and Roof Top maps on quality and with performance considering Optimise Still in future it will be Optimise More, Forest map is not yet Optimise Yet. 

 7. Improved Sky - Now Sky at Day and Night will bee with smooth Changing. 

8. Improved Clouds - Added First Cloud System with No Game Yet Features(Are Focusing on make this game More and more Realistic). 

 9. Player ability - Now Player progress will be saved on cloud so that player can use Gold and Diamond to buys Gear and Weapon, In feature are Focusing on Updating this Side. 

 10. Player Progress - Now player can see His/Her progress (KILL, DEATH, DIAMOND, GOLD, SCORE, PING). 

 11. Total Player Lifetime Profile - Now Player are Able to see there Profile of there life-Time Progress(Are working on Level System - So we have a system in this update that level can be counted also in this version but it will not display, it will on next release. 

12. Improved Flash Light - To make it Much more Real World Stuff. 

 13. Sniper Scope Adjusted - To make it more Life like structure but it not perfect will fix it on future Release. 

 14. Sun Ray - Realtime Sun Ray like Real world Realistic is also been added to this Packed version. 

 15. Green Vegetation - Created a New Door For Great and Cool looking Vegetation which is not there for any Multiplayer game out there, Are planning more on that(By increasing Quality with Reliable Updates). 

 16. Removed Realistic Car - Cauz for Performance Issue.(Will added it back when it is been figured out). 

 17. Improved Lobby Menu System - Added a Lot of Feature and also there are a Huge amount of feature needed to be Packed(Next Updates) Player Can change there Scope and Texture From here But Mean While Texture Is not Implemented But u can Change the texture in game which also include Official Textures too. 

 18. Improved Fog System. 

19. Implemented A Beta Chat Located In game Menu System and also a Back ward compatible on Launcher.  

20. New Feature - Navigation Magnetic Realtime World Compass Is been Added to this game.(Visual Effect Will been added in long run). 

 21. A Game Changing Maps and Realtime Implementation for BATTLE ROYAL MODE is also been added, its in Beta Version So A lots of Feature will be added to this in Future. 

22. Reduced Sound - Which were so loud which are been Converted in this a 3-D Sound Wave. 

 23. View Distance Customisation - Now Play can Customise from 250 - 1000 Player View Distance Which Currently Only Available in Match Game-Play, Might Expect in Feature On Lobby. 

24.We Will Update the Other New Feature In Social Media Make Sure U Subscribe to Your Most Required Plan.

Other all in Setting Info and other stuff are  Given above.

Check This Game Out Can In Future Will have more New Future like the Map and more Mechanisms for This game. FEEL FREE TO USE BETA CHAT FOR SENDING OVER THE BUG OR A NEW IDEAS .


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KRC-1_Downloader_2.0.2.1_setup_64Bit.EXE 51 MB
KRC-1_Downloader_2.0.2.1_setup_32Bit.EXE 45 MB
Knight Rock Combat - 1 : Fps Multiplayer.APK

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Hi @Everyone,

The Current Version -  will be slow or some time server will not respond on login page. We have buld a new api from scratch for our new Fastest server will be in next update.

Check here for latest daily center updates (Facebook) :


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Wow, this looks like you put a lot of effort into it! Great job brother!


Hi IAmPlayer,

Thanks, It all started of Playing Games -> Game Development -> Live streamer(Youtuber, Facebook, Twitch & Mixer) -> Software & Website Design and more.


Copyright © 2017-2020 Dread Eye Studio, Inc. All right reserved.


You're welcome brother, I hope you have continued success hopefully!


Any chance of a linux port?

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Hi KinneticSlammer,

We have plan to ship for linux & mac after this upcoming major update. In past we had support for linux and mac in beta but had some issue with mouse cursor. Once we fix it will be out.

To see latest changes or current updates check out our facebook post


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Hey there! A New Devlog Has been posted Check them out and also Comment it Down what Do u thing about the game or Devlog. :)